Friday, August 13, 2010

Got stash?

Here is a great way to use those bits of yarn from previous projects or balls of yarn you've come by with no pressing purpose: crochet or knit blocks for donation to "Warm Up America Collection." This project is not limited to Lion Brand and there are other ways you can participate in the program. Get all the information from the Warm Up America Foundation. If you are new to knitting &/or crochet, this is an excellent way to play with your new craft, build your skills, and help those in need, all at the same time. :-) Because your blocks will be joined together with the blocks others have made, it is very important that you BLOCK your blocks before turning them in for construction into an afghan. This way, all the blocks will behave properly when washed by the recipient. (If you'd like an alternative way to block your pieces to that described in the article, check out Knit Picks' Blocking Mats. Another option would be these 24" mats that work as well.)
Joy in the Journey,
Elianastar Note: "The Lion Brand Yarn Studio will offer 10% off all yarn, hooks, needles and supplies needed to make the afghan blocks. Just let us know you are knitting or crocheting for Warm Up America. Turn your blocks in by November 30, and when you are finished turning in all your blocks, as a thank you for your good works, you will receive a 20% off coupon for your next purchase at Lion Brand Yarn Studio (limit one coupon per customer, please collect coupon when you are finished with your donation)."

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