Thursday, May 19, 2011

Checking in...

... sorry I've been so absent... it's been a hard "Spring." Not that we've had much "spring" around these parts this year. Hardly any iris has bloomed yet. We've usually had vases of iris before Mother's Day. However, the daffodils have already come and gone and we are still enjoying some tulips yet. The roses are just beginning to develop a bud or two.

I'll be sharing in the near future about my first-ever pair of socks I knitted all by my very own self. I taught myself two-color Brioche stitch... not an easy task for an ADHD rattled brain with a cold. It's a fun stitch but learning single-color Brioche would have been a lot easier to master. It isn't hard, but it is a little out of the ordinary and requires above-average-attention abilities until you get the hang of it.

I also decided to crochet my own basket liners for some garden baskets for which finding coco-liners was proving too much trouble to continue searching. The pretty white cotton is already turning algae green in the shade of my garden arbor, but I do believe they'll work quite well. I've posted a "recipe" to make your own, by knit or crochet, if you'd like. You can learn more about it @ (free acct required to access)

In the meantime, happy Spring to you all! I hope you are growing something awesome and crafting something fun!

Joy in the Journey,